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Load Collector

Load Collector

Load Collector, a science fiction poem

The Internet is not sustained
because of underwater cables
software illumination

The web is fed by absorption
from the L.C. chip — 

The Load Collector

The Load Collector
was developed with the transistor
it hides within the “Subconscious”
of the desk and laptop

It is an onyx sphere
a half-centimeter in girth
and Xtremely polished

The L.C.’s purpose
is to suction orgasms

It’s no coincidence porn heats the net
For every squirt geyser
and milk detonation
the web breathes and swells

1 thing for sure
we can either inflate this force
to a bloated perversion
or crystallize it in orgonic health

it’s spring in Mono 202
release responsibly
w  r  m  i  g

Music by Tim Hicks

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