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Rashad Dobbins, Nudity

Every 9 steps in every direction
of the city
there are visuals, signs, holograms,
moaning sound bytes, barely dressed
ladies, sex dolls, and all temptations that involve
lust for the female body

but Feminine Nakedness is illegal

A woman can be painted, topless or only have her private areas covered
but not nude
This law can fine you up to 1,000 credits

The city became a hypocritical
Neon advertisement
A pubescent arcade
with a teen’s attention span
consumed in heat

Once during a humid summer day
a group of women protested
and decided to walk down the street

everything stopped
in awe
until they dressed themselves

1 and All witnessed
unfiltered beauty and
raw MIght

This forced the natives to re-examine
what is essential for the city and what is pure power
gadgets respond to command
but the Temple is E – motion

this is Brad Bundy
BE your roots
w a m i g

Music by John Moon

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