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analog life

Welcome to Cyber Ancient
where Mind will link
Carbon and Silicon // Analog and Digital
Individual and Omniscient Self

The abstract labeled society
has devolved

Consciousness Xponentialy Xpands
vessel by vessel now
but Evolution can still be written

The world we know
authorized by impatient Geneticists and hidden Playwrights
spells life into 3 categories

1. Gears
2. Rods
3. Augments

gears supply sweat
rods regulate gears
augments work to ascend humanity

All 3 are slaves
there is a 4th
Me – the rebel
Still another slave
but I consider myself an Actor
A “reality star”

My awareness showed me
Revolutionaries and Rebels are the highest of sacrifices
In knowing that
my choice of ACTion
is honest naturalness

I love when it’s right
i fight when it’s time

My journey in the Metropolis
is un-scripted spontaneity
if there’s a chance to behead Frankenstein
in the play
I don’t see why I can’t force a happy ending

this is Scott Lott // Being centered
laboratory 202


Music by Tim Hicks

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