“hey, u got any change?”
I heard from the vagrant
I had no coins
but I gave him a 2 dollar bill

Load Collector, a science fiction poem
Load Collector

It’s no coincidence porn heats the net
For every squirt geyser
and milk detonation
the web breathes and swells

Thirteen Laws of Fascist Hackers
The 13 Laws of the Fascist Hackers

We love you to life // Burn the Glytch // Be the Future

Digital Condoms, the future of safe sex
Digital Condoms

the evolution of prophylactics
became symbolically wholesome
Digital Condoms

analog life

Welcome to Cyber Ancient
where Mind will link
Carbon and Silicon // Analog and Digital
Individual and Omniscient Self


I Am ORGANIC MANKinetic Masculinity scalp to plantar No Fucking chipsI Heathen is my attitudeOccupation…

virtual reality
Gone With a Click

🔊Audio available

I miss simplicity
Record stores
Normal Weed
Virgin water
Divine Imperfect women