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Tuskegee 20 Twenty 1

Tuskegee 20 Twenty 1

Covid-19 vaccine

Black volunteers
listened to a computer programmer,
fear, logic, and science
but not their History
when deciding to take the Covid elixir

Safety first for Self and others
makes sense

This is the 21st century
My folks wanted to get back to normal

Later problems arose
especially genomic
but the problem I didn’t foresee
was the discrimination between
“the cured” and “the unvaccinated”

Less human and Unsanitary
were whispered and belted
Signs in stores
read “Vaccinated only”

A part of me hates it
A part of me gets it

I can’t take it
’cuz I don’t like surgery

I’m limited to where I can go
These restrictions don’t concern me
because Body Autonomy
is thee Ultimate Xperience
propelling spiritual flight

listening with an open mind
confined but unboxed in Monolith 202
this is Scott Lott
We Are Messiah In Glytch

Music by John Moon

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