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The 13 Laws of the Fascist Hackers

The 13 Laws of the Fascist Hackers

Thirteen Laws of Fascist Hackers

  1. Kill the Corps and the Technocrats
  2. Frankenstein and the Impatient Geneticists are the true danger to Man // Slaughter on Sight
  3. Bigotry will be brutally dissolved unless it’s against the Corps
  4. All exploited funds will be redistributed to the abused Inhabitants 
  5. We will print as many 3d weapons as possible and release them globally to the unarmed 
  6. 1 world “laws” will be greeted with overwhelming resistance
  7. There is a higher plan and Council that will replace this system to avoid a Fascist Exchange after our mission is crowned
  8. We are cyber and domestic terrorists // please don’t pick their side
  9. We accept more harm than good can come from our actions but this is the time of Depopulation in the 6th Extinction. It’s too late for civility
  10. The Divine Woman is ALL Power
  11. Pluck the All-seeing eyes out
  12. Justice for the Individual is our vocation
  13. We love you to life // Burn the Glytch // Be the Future

Music by John Moon

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