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Digital Condoms

Digital Condoms

Digital Condoms, the future of safe sex

the evolution of prophylactics
became symbolically wholesome
Digital Condoms

This type of protection
causes a slight panic at first

Watching a woman come towards you
with a spray can
aimed at your intention
pumps the nerves

Before use
both parties stir a swab of saliva
in the contents
eliminating all possible dis-eases genetically

Shake well

The ejection mist is cool and transparent
On contact, it foams
making your Xtension invisible momentarily
During the congealing, it solidifies a code helix

Pregnancy is still a potential
ejaculation should be projected
outside the womb

Sex tech
finally got something right
Safety is sexy
and my life force is not drawn in a trash bag
Organic connection has a future

this is Scott Lott
connecting easy
w a m i g

Music by Tim Hicks

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