Washington D.C.

Teaching the whole child and social-emotional learning
The Hard Reality of Teaching the Whole Child

What Does It Mean to Teach the Whole Child? A big, loaded question. A somewhat…

City Girls
City Girls

I long to see my childhood on screen. No one is steeped in poverty and crime, or so bougie and disconnected they can’t kiki at the cookout.


“hey, u got any change?”
I heard from the vagrant
I had no coins
but I gave him a 2 dollar bill

Thirteen Laws of Fascist Hackers
The 13 Laws of the Fascist Hackers

We love you to life // Burn the Glytch // Be the Future

analog life

Welcome to Cyber Ancient
where Mind will link
Carbon and Silicon // Analog and Digital
Individual and Omniscient Self

The last analog seconds
Dear Descendant

Dear blood descendant,
I’m emailing u from the past
I suspect u are entrenched
in Digital Concrete

Covid-19 vaccine
Tuskegee 20 Twenty 1

Less human and Unsanitary
were whispered and belted
Signs in stores
read “Vaccinated only”
A part of me hates it
A part of me gets it

American Technocracy
Jingle Bombs

2020 was the year of Authoritarian testing
It Failed.
Americans will never ingest
dictatorship from a Man
while supporting Technocrats

self defense for women
Hand in Hand

Summer Solstice – 2045
Self Defense for women
became Exemplary

Total RE-RUN

Insurrection sparked in the crowd’s saliva
Human flames shattered D.C.’s dome
They said they lit it
cuz their leader told them

First Gentleman
First Gentleman

45 Insinuated
Democracy is maintained by
His cronies added
“Combat” was a necessity
urging true Citizens
to join them in the storm

In Conversation with Tom Newman

Tom Newman is a well sought after guitarist from the Washington, D.C. area. His company, New Mu Production, houses all of his comprehensive musical services which include educational services, talent consulting, and much more.

election time
Election Time

took place in 2020.
It was a spectacle
where narrator and candidates
spoke simultaneously
to a slapstick audience

false flag washington d.c.

In 2045 // D.C. was hit with its first FALSE FLAG
BY 2050
THE descendants of gentrified strangers
and endangered natives were Xtracted

washington d.c.
Kneeling Shadows

Monolith 202 will awaken
when the Military guards
barren streets
and its Leader
feeds off
kneeling shadows


I Am ORGANIC MANKinetic Masculinity scalp to plantar No Fucking chipsI Heathen is my attitudeOccupation…

Last Kiss

I saw people “kissing”
masks tight

Alt America

🔊Audio available

An alternate America
had its last president in 2016

virtual reality
Gone With a Click

🔊Audio available

I miss simplicity
Record stores
Normal Weed
Virgin water
Divine Imperfect women

albert pike juneteenth
Fall Guy

Pike toppled on Juneteenth
Charged protesters were dogmatic in seeing his descent
I was a-moral and curious