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Total RE-RUN

Total RE-RUN

Insurrection sparked in the crowd’s saliva
Human flames shattered D.C.’s dome
They said they lit it
cuz their leader told them

He was unresponsive
until treason and impeachment charges
rung out

His word was clear guilt
Proof — inadmissible

We witnessed Authoritarian tradition
and in traditional compliance
Will civilians submerge
in a Democratic sleep
dreaming as sheep
comfortably awakened
to a laboured slumber
where dreams are installed
by electric goats

In 4 revolutions
the lawless are returning
as inverted stars
Staked above the Oval
the flag of M0n0l1th 2o2 stiffens

Technocratic Order advised

I was always told
the president is the highest role model
IF he doesn’t obey laws
Why should I

This is Scott Lott
Preparing for a new country
We are Messiah In Glytch

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