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Alt America

Alt America

An alternate America
had its last president in 2016

The culmination from
Agent Forefathers
to 45
crystallized a completion

The Queen’s New World

Congealed in North America
Capital base – D.C.
New crust represented hope and prosperity

Freedom and pursuit of abundance
inspired Citizenship
w one requirement


The immigrants floated in droves

High on naivete and will
The country promised
every Voice could be heard

opened America’s grace
between the halls of
Business and War
a secret festered

Hypocritical evidence
pitted dreamer against yankee
leaving them blind to cloaked Traitors

A clandestine cabal
groomed society

from Democracy to Technocracy

244 years sealed

The Commander
rallied his subjects

A final speech exited
He waved goodbye
back turned

The final
of Flesh and Blood
rules no longer
The leaders have left the surface
with the plants and livestock
We are the Animals without Food

Dreaming a nightmare
live from Mono 202
this is Scott Lott
We are Messiah In GlytcH

Music by John Moon

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