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Editor’s Note: Monolith 202

Editor’s Note: Monolith 202

false flag washington d.c.

The Daring’s Inaugural Guest Poet Series

Monolith 202 is a collection of science-fiction verses about life in a pre-dystopian Washington D.C. Written and read by D.C. native Rashad Dobbins. Set to music by John Moon and Tim Hicks of Let The Dirt Say Amen.

In the future
Washington D.C. was torn
by a false flag
The nation’s capital was moved
and D.C. was turned into a weapon
The entire city became a military forge
experimenting with fringe tech and weapons
of geomancy and technomancy

Creative reflectionists from
tell the stories from the past to
the present — future
of how Washington D.C.
transitioned to

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