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Welcome to the Machine

Welcome to the Machine

A poem made from subject lines in my Inbox at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in New Jersey. March — April 2020.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s Wednesday
In these uncertain times, you may need a little pick-me up
Relaxing spa-at-home routines for every skin type and concern
Healthcare workers save 50%

During this time of uncertainties, we are here to help
We will continue to do everything we can to ensure that all possible resources are made available
New York: Virtual Startup Open Mic Night

Marie…Is it moral to do business right now?
In the wake of the ongoing crisis, we’re introducing new ways to help members stay connected and informed
We ride together

A Message from our CEO
If all this Corona ish has left you feeling time-strapped and unfocused lately,
This week we explore the ephemeral nature of time, which is measured quantitatively yet experienced subjectively—especially during our current crisis.

Top tips to boost your home’s functionality
One batter, infinite cakes
In these times, we have more questions than answers in many ways
Because home is the new office

Let’s try something new together
Virtual dance parties
We urge you to limit the use of our transit system for essential travel only
We hope this update finds you all healthy and safe

Time to de-stress
Managing your account during this difficult time
We’re all connected and in this together
I know this Easter you won’t be able to go outside and hunt for some goodies
Whether you’re home alone, with your sweetie, or with the whole fam, we got you

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our normal daily routines
As we all try to settle into the new normal, nothing feels more important than taking care
We know this is a difficult time, so please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

We introduced a few changes to make all of the core features free for everyone
In these uncertain times, it’s important to help your company chart a path forward

This travel expert says now is the time to plan your next trip
Together, we can save the restaurants we love
Stickers to the rescue!

The State of NJ has ordered the closure of all schools indefinitely
Virtual support for e-learning at home
Challenge your kid with a quiz
Now offering: child care for essential workers

Five signs your husband is a sociopath
When soap and water aren’t nearby, this sanitizer swoops in
Nothing could have prepared any of us for the past few weeks
We love volunteers

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