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Botanica, Photographs Investigating Details in Nature

Botanica, Photographs Investigating Details in Nature

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Botanica is an ongoing visual study of micro-ecosystems that are the backbone of our biosphere. Often overlooked in the discourse on environmental crises and ecological subdivisions, this body of work creates a visual space for these quotidian, vital mini-ecologies to coexist before their imminent extinction. The resulting work is an abstract representation of these minuscule ecosystems that appear monumental in shape and form akin to their counter-species that typically tower over you.

Aster Reem David, Untitled (Eden IV) from Botanica, 2018
Aster Reem David, Untitled from Botanica, 2020
Aster Reem David, Aarhus II, 2020

View Aster’s photographs in this essay about living with plants.

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