Jason Reuven Kropsky

Jason Reuven Kropsky received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. In addition to his role as editor at The Daring, he has been published in Moveable Type, The Journal of Classical Judaism, and is an active member of the writers' community WordShedNYC. He lives in Seattle, Washington. Email scoops and pitches to jasonkropsky@gmail.com.

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Trigger Warning: No Person Is Above the Law (Or, Why the Attorney General’s Constitutional Law Professor Laurence Tribe Thinks Trump Is Guilty)

A commander-in-chief who’d lost his bid to a second term, a lame duck waddling to the finish line between election day, November 3, 2020, and the joint session of Congress’s certification of state electors on January 6, 2021, could have done serious damage to a republic knocked down, sucker punched, blindsided by unexpected blows caused by a conspiracy to defraud the American electorate.

January 6 Hearings
Bully, Inc. (Or, How Trump Failed to Strong-Arm the Justice Department and Why He Should Be Jailed)

Yet another smoking gun for conspiracy to defraud the American public as part of our series on the January 6 hearings. Here, analyzing testimony from days 4 and 5.

January 6 Hearings
Gaslighting the Vice President (Or, Why Trump Doesn’t Want to Be Mike Pence’s Friend, Anyway)

Televised hearings on the January 6 insurrection reveal that Trump’s attacks on former vice president Mike Pence cut deep.

“You Hear All the Time, Animals Have No Voice. It’s True.”: Linda Kuo on Portraying Wildlife

Linda Kuo’s photographs exhibit resilience, adaptation, and the unsung struggles of domesticated and wild animals…

Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland
The Ghost of Jimi Hendrix in Electric Ladyland

Near the House of Pot, sandwiched between an electric power station and a direct path to the local airport, the neighborhood I live in is a mix of working-class Asian immigrants, mostly Cambodian and Vietnamese, and long-time African American denizens. The only prophet to ever come out of this northwestern hub, Jimi Hendrix, shuffled through these parts as a latchkey kid.

Star Rockets in Flight, Afternoon Delight

Is it possible to be delighted, almost mesmerized, by a red carton containing scoops and scoops of my favorite chocolate peanut butter dessert, Oregon’s very own Umpqua ice cream, and not feel as though the burden of guilt—maybe the most wasted emotion of all—has flipped into hyper gear?

Before We Meet Again Along the Rue St. Catherine

If only this solitary window pane could keep me company.
While we play cantor’s tracks over metronome rails.
From Hudson to the Laurentians.
Let us read tehilim

Notes From the Nude Beach

I am a transactional man.
I barter a business suit for the slight tickle between the rooster’s legs.

Haskalah Fantasy: Part 1

I am in the barnyard hiding from imperial mustaches and pig skinned helmets.
The macher-ocracy, drunk off slivovitz,
Smells white pale air.