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I Am ORGANIC MANKinetic Masculinity scalp to plantar No Fucking chipsI Heathen is my attitudeOccupation…

Before We Meet Again Along the Rue St. Catherine

If only this solitary window pane could keep me company.
While we play cantor’s tracks over metronome rails.
From Hudson to the Laurentians.
Let us read tehilim

Last Kiss

I saw people “kissing”
masks tight

Alt America

🔊Audio available

An alternate America
had its last president in 2016

virtual reality
Gone With a Click

🔊Audio available

I miss simplicity
Record stores
Normal Weed
Virgin water
Divine Imperfect women

Notes From the Nude Beach

I am a transactional man.
I barter a business suit for the slight tickle between the rooster’s legs.

albert pike juneteenth
Fall Guy

Pike toppled on Juneteenth
Charged protesters were dogmatic in seeing his descent
I was a-moral and curious

Haskalah Fantasy: Part 1

I am in the barnyard hiding from imperial mustaches and pig skinned helmets.
The macher-ocracy, drunk off slivovitz,
Smells white pale air.

false flag washington d.c.
Editor’s Note: Monolith 202

Creative reflectionists from
tell the stories from the past to
the present — future
of how Washington D.C.
transitioned to

Welcome to the Machine

A poem made from subject lines in my Inbox at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in New Jersey. March — April 2020.