Ioana Friedman

Ioana Friedman is an art director and Editor in Chief at The Daring. She’s led digital creative at Estée Lauder Companies and e.l.f. Beauty and has served in a creative capacity at Magnum Photos and powerHouse Books.

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Be Kind For Real

A story about Daniela Groza, an artist and taxi driver in New York City rising to the challenges presented by coronavirus in pretty intense situations.

gyrotonic chantal deeble
Do What Moves You

Chantal Deeble tells the story of moving from dance to the edge of the unknown and beyond. Then, we talk about quantum timelines and Ioana’s mind is blown.

The Better Clients Bureau

Most schools of thought go like this: take the big gig. It’s money in your pocket. It’ll even let you do the art you love on the side. Well, Christine Blackburne’s doing it all backwards, then.

Moving On Up

Jake Thiel collects timeworn arrowheads from the shores of the Potomac River. He appreciates their simplicity. He marvels at their history. He applies this wonder to the building process.

Luciano Fileti
Becoming Present

A story about a thousand ideas swirling in your head and finding the good one to make your problem. Luciano Fileti questions inspiration and stays in the moment.

On Why I Love Drugs
Walk in My Shoes

Washington D.C. playwright Rahima Rice on deepening characters. What do they think about in the shower? Then, Rahima presents a sound view on the lack of diversity in media.

You’re Already in the Unknown

Sure, there’s plenty of talk from established creatives dispensing advice. But what of the new eyes seeing the industry anew? Maria Baez has been making pictures for 5 years and this is her story.

Parts of a Whole: Adriana Letorney on Internet Structure and Content

In 2008, when media jobs dried up overnight because the economy crashed, Adriana Teresa Letorney didn’t know what to expect. So she did the most logical thing she could.

Life After Birth

Photographer Heather White tells the story of how she became a birth doula after the death of her first child and the emotions that came with the truth.

Wake Up the Voices

Stephanie Rooker was always singing in church choirs growing up. She grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, with small community festivals and talent shows. She and her family would get up there and do their numbers. This is her story.

Well-Oiled Essentials

What happens when traditional medicine doesn’t cut it? Danielle Kimmel stops by our studio to talk about essential oils.

Fortune Favors the Bold

This week, Ioana visits Peter Freeman Inc. and talks with Nikki Iacovella about managing an art gallery, representing artists, and why art fairs make your head spin.

Melissa Schriek on Human Connection, Choreographing Dancers

The Dutch photographer talks about pushing her comfort zone and creating before thinking

Stunning Still-Life Photographs Break the Silence Around Anorexia

“This was a way for me to show how serious and deadly this mental illness can be”: Massimo Gammacurta.

Have Camera, Will Travel

We talk with Tynan DeBold about his travels, why he brings a camera with him, and what inspires him to make pictures.

A Life of Music

A conversation with Ben Tyree, who’s spent his life making music and playing guitar. He’s not famous. He’d say he’s never made it. And yet he’s made a living doing what millions of people only dream of doing.

Dance With Alcohol Ink

Bryant Small’s back for part two of our story on unwieldy mediums and running a fine art business.

Pushing Past Pretty

Some art’s so fringe and so unpredictable, it seems hard to fully get and talk about. This episode, a story about Bryant Small and alcohol ink.

Travestie, Marie Weikopf’s Portraits of Drag Queens in Berlin

Marie Weikopf’s intimate portraits capture Berlin drag culture.

Painter Bryant Small Pushes Past Pretty

Bryant Small is a painter and his specialty is alcohol ink, a niche medium with a mind of its own. We chat about wielding the pigments, coming up as an artist, and running a studio like a business.