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In Conversation with Sophia Ramos

In Conversation with Sophia Ramos

Inside Episode 7 with Sophia Ramos

Native New Yorker Sophia Ramos began as a rock singer/songwriter for the 90s NYC hard rock outfit SOPHIA’S TOY signed to Epic/Sony Records. Sophia has sung with an impressive list of studio and stage collaborators, including Jason Newsted of Metallica, Paul Simon, Billy Bragg, Joey Ramone, Big Brother and The Holding Company, and The Black Rock Coalition Orchestra.

Sophia has toured around the globe, helping break barriers for women of color in Rock. Sophia’s flexibility in the studio has made her one of New York City’s sought after session singers and voiceover artists. Her roots may be rock, but she has mastered her craft in many genres: R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, and Pop, allowing her musical insight, enormous range, and personal charisma to blend in an infectious, compelling voice.

Sophia has always found ways to incorporate her Afro-Latina identity within the content of her artistry despite backlash and gaslighting of the industry’s idea of how she should identify. The New Yorker hailed, “The music of Sophia Ramos defies stereotypes. The Bronx-born Nuyorican singer stops short of nothing but deeply passionate rock n’ roll.”


Hosted, Edited, and Produced by Ben Tyree

Theme music is “Latitudes” by Ben Tyree from the 2020 album Lifelines

Photography by Deneka Peniston, Daryl Tillman, and Ben Tyree

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