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In Conversation with Garrett Shider

In Conversation with Garrett Shider

Inside Episode 2 with Garrett Shider

Born on the Mothership of Parliament-Funkadelic’s rise to fame in 1978, Garrett Shider came out of the womb wailing for the hand-me-down diaper of his parent’s legacy. Son of P-Funk’s guitarist and vocalist Garry Shider, aka Starchild, aka Diaper Man, young Garrett began his life surrounded by his father’s infamous funk band.

For decades, his father continued touring as an accompanying frontman with the band, giving Garrett his first shots at recording on “Pumpin’ It Up” and a feature on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song “Brothers Cup” when he was just seven years old. The wild antics incumbent of the band’s live performances and cult followings inspired Garrett to follow in his father’s legacy while proving his own original talent and carving a future for young African American guitarists.


Hosted, Edited, and Produced by Ben Tyree

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Photography by Deneka Peniston, Daryl Tillman, and Ben Tyree

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