Leah Elimeliah

Leah Kogen-Elimeliah is a poet, essayist, short story and nonfiction writer from Moscow, currently living in New York City. She is an MFA candidate at City College of New York, the Founder of the WordShedNYC Reading Series, and an Editorial Associate for Fiction literary magazine. Her writing focuses on identity, language, sexuality, and culture. Leah lives in Manhattan with her husband and their children.

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Gothic poem about life and death by New York poet and essayist Leah Elimeliah.

I get all tangled up in your wires, mama
my dream had me on my knees
there are witnesses, they don’t howl
at night they don’t bark
their orders are written up
on a white board against black
hollowness inside your curved body.

Ink wash by Nikita Gurnani

you photographed me
exposed, image of your arm
outstretched clenching my neck
squeezing cluster of wind where life
temporarily nestled